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V. 1.5.6 version issue

I cannot find the original thread that I started on this issue, and so I am starting another thread.

I do not use the Cutting Edge Release Channel, but choose to stick to with the Release Update Channel. When v. 1.5.6 was released it was not showing up when I checked for updates. I posted to this forum and was offered a couple of suggestions to try and resolve the issue. Unfortunately neither of them worked for me.

So this morning I just downloaded v. 1.5.6 from The Archive's main project page. When I now click on About The Archive it says that I have version 1.5.6 (161). When I check for updates I get the message,

You're up-to-date!
The Archive 1.5.5 is currently the newest version available
(You are currently running version 1.5.6.)

So I am confused as to what might be going on here?


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