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how can I experiment with my workflow?

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How can I experiment with new ways using my ZK? As my ZK grows in size it is going to be increasingly difficult to make any changes to the system.

For example, when changing the filename of my ZT from <uid> <title> into <uid>,<fid> <title>, where

  • uid: is an identifier in the form of YYYYMMDDMM
  • title: the header of the Zettel
  • fid: Folgezettel index

this is only a simple example. Some changes can be rather elaborate to apply on the entire box.

When you "upgrade" your life system do you

A. abandon your old slip-box
B. discontinue the old system
C. translate the entire system

I think option B is the best approach. Then I can translate the system on demand. This assumes a 100% healthy system can be achieved in reasonable time.

my first Zettel uid: 202008120915


  • A mix of Option B and Option C is the approach with which can be used once some basic terminal wizardry is learned and applied. No need to limit yourself.

    In my case, I've made the investment in learning bash scripting and Keyboard Maestro. There are some tools for basic and some not so basic global changing. MassReplaceIt is my tool of choice. There are others. This investment pays off in other areas of my digital life.

    Just don't worry about any of this. Continue to forge on and when an old note pops up as an answer to a question, just smile and acknowledge how far you've come. Then make changes if appropriate.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

  • B + boy-scout-rule to improve stuff when I stumble upon it. I still have Zettel with Ids like 2020-08-18_2105 and outdated header formats, for example.

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