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Creating Structure Notes in iA writer

I have been experimenting and finally started to create notes for my Zettelkasten. Unfortunately I have to do this on my ipad using iA writer. Has anyone created structure notes using this app? If so how dis you go about doing so? I have a Zettelkasten folder where all of my notes are going. Also it is easy to search tags and find what I want I need right now. I know eventually this will be overwhelming once there are thousands as Christian has stated. Also I have the general idea of what a structure note is. To. My understanding from reading on the forums it is a sort of table of contents?
If anyone could further clarify this as well I would appreciate it.


  • On iOS I access my Zettelkasten using 1Writer. I find that it is better suited for this job than iA Writer.

  • @DavidWJ thank you. I will take a look at it.

  • I'll second 1writer after having tried almost all of the alternatives.

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    I have purchased iA Writer for my Mac and iPad. The Android app is free and syncs to Dropbox. I can't use iA Writer it on my iPad because it doesn't work well with all my notes in dropbox so I wasted my money there since there's no workaround. (If you use iCloud everything should be perfect). I just ended up using the dropbox app on my iPad. I use mostly an android phone and the desktop app on my mac mini so dropbox is my only choice for platform independence.

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