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Hugo Theme ofr publishing your archive

Hi everyone!

I would like to share with you a Hugo them called "Zettels" that I use to publish my whole archive to the net.

Here's the repo: https://github.com/crisrojas/Zettels

At the moment I've implemented so far the following features:

  • [[wikilinks]]
  • Backlinks
  • Search
  • Split view (to let me quickly visualize a note content)
  • Note's content transclusion

You can look at a quick demo for each here: https://hugokasten.netlify.app/features.html

And a more practical use here: https://zettelkasten.crisrojas.com

If you're wondering the reasons behind this, well the main one was my research of the less resistance path when publishing: writing through web interfaces is limiting in many ways and kills your productivity/creativity:

  • (1) A textarea is not as friendly as your favorite editor
  • (2) Since you usually start your drafts in the last one and eventually move what you wrote to your CMS publication interface you are duplicating information...

The first problem can be solved with a SSG or a flat-file based cms, but since all my writing starts in my zettelkästen the centralization problem persists, so the solution is making your SSG/flat-file cms adopting to the digital zettelkästen conventions and using their contents folder as your root zettelkästen folder, which is the approach I've use and I have to say is extremmely liberating regarding creativity:

Writing and publishing an article is as easy as creating a note and transcluding the pertinent chunks of info in the order you want and then pushing to github/gitlab)

Moreover, since Hugo can output content in json you could eventually create premium content (like online courses), publish it only in json and consume that file to create a closed member area with js, all inside your very archive. But maybe I'm dreaming too much here...

Anyways, hope you like. Feedback would be much appreciated!

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