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Belated Introduction

After participating in this forum for a couple of weeks, I realized that I have never formally said "hello" or told you a bit about myself.

I'm a semi-retired geological engineer with a life long passion for learning. I haven't restricted myself to just engineering or sciences, but have roamed over a range of subjects that have caught my interest. So - highly trained in a few, narrow areas and self-educated to various levels of competency in many others.

I've also been a voracious reader of fiction and non-fiction all my life, from as early as I can remember. In the process, I've picked up a number of techniques for learning from what I read, and retaining what I have learned. And ten years in university didn't actually hurt that process, either :>)

My interest in knowledge management has been growing, although I probably didn't even have an official name for it. I've always been fascinated by various note-taking methods and apps - how they function and how they store information. I guess it was inevitable that I'd stumble, in a serendipitous way, upon ZK and The Archive. That has certainly upped my interest level and I've found the forum in particular rich with shared experience and knowledge.

By creating a ZK, I hope to capture important experiences and learnings in my life before I forget them, and of course to discover new learnings. I'm not sure, but perhaps ZK will at some point serve as a vehicle for communication with my grandkids and great-grandkids - we'll see if that develops, (haha - my kids think they have already heard all that I have to say - maybe I can surprise myself and them).

I'm happy to have found the ZK community, and if you can tolerate my sometimes simple questions and answers, I hope to continue my involvement with the forum and with you, for a good, long time.


  • my kids think they have already heard all that I have to say - maybe I can surprise myself and them

    I think they'll be up for a surprise :) Even the folks from my family come up with something new every now and then, and none of them read books at all. Your speed of learning and new thinking could become utterly inconceivable by mere mortals in a short time ;)

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