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The Archive reliably chokes when confronted with a folder containing large files, by which I mean Ms, not Gs. I know this is not the way I'm supposed to be using the program, really, but I was hoping to take some larger text files and cut them down into smaller bits without having to use a separate program. Not a big deal or anything, but I was wondering if y'all could speak to performance limitations re archive and individual file size.


  • The Markdown highlighter is slowing down everything on longer files, especially longer, consecutive lists -- but with megabytes of text, it probably doesn't matter if it's a list or not to make the app slow down tremendously.

    We're currently in the process of replacing the old and slow Markdown thing with a faster one.

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  • It’s just text I’d like to be able to search. BBEdit will search (and highlight) with a bit of a delay but no beach ball, so it’s doable.

  • @Thomas_Rhymer Today's update to v1.7.0, available on the Cutting Edge channel, should fix all that.

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