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Kourosh Dini's new book?

I see that Kourosh Dini has a new book out on Taking Smart Notes with DEVONthink, which apparently explores the zettlekasten through Devonthink. I am a user of DT, but have tended towards simpler solutions for my Zettels (namely The Archive, NValt, and 1Writer), but am curious to see this. He also is doing a few blog posts on it. Anyone had a chance to look at it yet? https://www.beingproductive.org/2020/05/organizing-your-ideas-with-devonthink-series-introduction-1-of-6/


  • I remember a couple of years ago when folks asked the DT creators for info on the "Zettelkasten" topic and nobody knew anything about it :) Great to see info material being developed in this space! (Found this via MacSparky)

    Curious to see how our DEVONthink veterans benefit from this book.

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  • Thanks for this. I've just bought / downloaded it, not because I necessarily want to move to DT (although I use it in a basic way) but because I find benefit in reading how different tools are used. I'll let you know if it seems any good when I get chance to look at it properly.

  • Thanks @JFK! I really should just buy it too, and stop being a cheapskate.

  • I bought it because his work has helped me in the past. He does have a tendency to build overly complex, weighty systems, but I feel like I always learn from them and then I’m able to apply his thinking to build something more lightweight. I’ll report back after I’ve finished.

  • @kevin When you report back I would love to also hear the ideas from his other books that you found valuable.

  • I am about halfway through the book, in fact I must say that it is rather useful, especially regarding the use of DT it provides indications of use that I find useful, especially for those who have not had time to read the manual in depth.

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