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Beginners questions

Absolute beginners questions about using Zettelkasten method

Hod do you link the notes (just adding the number links?)?
Do you need to link and link back manually to every single note?
How do you use and exploit hashtags? (when I click on hashtag it leas me to an empty page).

How do you add "name of the note" to the numbers or is that not a good practice?

Like this:
[[202005170851 fish microbiome]]

Can I import md files straight into the archive?

Thank you,


  • Figuring out things as I go.
    So to rename the notes just double click the name of the note in the sidebar.
    To export notes from Evernote, first export them in Evernote as enex file, then use joplin note taking software to export your notes as md (markdown) files. Import the files straight into the archive folder.
    Add links by using [[text here]] method.

  • Seems like you figured things out :)

    • rename by double-clicking in the note list or ⌘R
    • you can move any Markdown/text file into the folder that The Archive is watching to have it be accessible
    • double-bracket links aka [[wiki links]] are useful to connect notes
    • you have to create both back- and forward links manually; though what we consider "backlinks" is simply the result of a search for the ID itself (since every note with a link to that ID will pop up in the search results)

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