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I will pay for inline images and fixed handling of longer documents!

edited May 2020 in The Archive

Hi guys

I'm a long time user now and I use The Archive all day, every day. It is a 100% essential app for me, and I have thousands of notes that will continue to grow throughout my lifetime. So, I love this app.

My problem is that I want to use images and diagrams for a lot of my work and the app's image handling is terrible. I know inline images are on the roadmap (please not just for photos taken with the laptop camera?!!) and that a lot of users don't seem to think images are critical, but for me they are.

While I love the Archive, I find myself switching to Zettlr or FSNotes more and more frequently just because they work nicely with images (I've given up waiting for NVUltra lol). I MUCH prefer the workflow I have with The Archive (and all the great Macros built by users here) but the images issue is becoming critical for me personally. Right now, the more you use images in your zettels the more dissatisfying The Archive becomes, so it is a vicious circle.

I got very excited recently about the upgrade to Drafts that has added wiki links, but again no inline images so... no.

The other problem for me is the broken handling of longer notes (eg 1,000 words+). I understand this is another issue that is on the roadmap to be fixed but it is really holding the Archive back for me as my complete knowledge management solution because I cannot easily work with longer essays and articles etc. This is not a problem for any of the other contenders.

Anyway I did not just want to whine about these things. I am a huge supporter of this app and would be willing to pay for an upgrade that would fix these things because from my point of view that would complete the first phase of development of this app.

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying safe and well.



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