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Correct URL scheme for Drafts to create new note in TA?

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It looks like the Drafts action can begin with:
thearchive://matchOrCreate/[[title]] but I'd like to add the content to the new note. Is it something like:
thearchive://matchOrCreate/[[title]]&note=[[body]] ?
What if I just want to create a new note in TA and let it auto-name with the current date/time as usual? Can I just set the action to:
thearchive://Create/note=[[body]] or something similar?

I realize you can do a TA quick-entry with a shortcut, which is configured, but I'm trying to learn to use Drafts. Since I use TA all the time for notes, I'd like to be able to throw new notes into TA from a default text processor like Drafts. Sometimes the [[title]] and [[body]] need to go to OmniFocus, sometimes they need to go to TA, et cetera.


  • A "just create a note" URL scheme action is not supported at the moment, but it's a great addition to improve app-interoperability, and already on my to-do list 👍

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