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Obvious insights and connections

What attracted me to Zettelkasten was that it gave a convincing method of reconnecting and discovering ideas, something I've rather missed from other note taking methods. But for a surprise to be a surprise, it kind of has to be unexpected, which sets up a weird relationship with the Zettelkasten: can we go in and expect to find surprise.

I can't answer that question, but yesterday I had a "most humble banal epiphany" or an obvious insight. I was writing some notes wrt. organizational change and adaptation. I knew quite well that this is connected with feedback loops and systems thinking, but in the process of trying to formulate a title for this note, I came up with the following:

Change is needed to adapt to changing environments

Wauw. This is some "galaxy brain" type thinking right here (* sarcasm).

However, despite the tautological title and concept, it proved incredibly useful. There are many, many things which must adapt and change. And now I have a nexus for connecting all these ideas. It turns out, that despite the banal nature of the concept, the ability for it to connect is important in itself. Now, I'm hunting for more "obvious but connected insights".

Have any of you made similar kinds of connections?

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