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An example of a neurologist's public brain uploading

Even if they don't call it a Zettelkasten or use exactly the methods we discuss here, people have been externalizing their brains for a long time. I think it's fascinating to see how other people, experts in particular, organize their knowledge over a long period of time.

Here is an impressive example from a neurologist who is an expert in neuromuscular disorders. He's been keeping this site for 24 years (in raw HTML!) and it has become a go-to source for people in this field.


No doubt it could use some better interface and styling, but the content and organization is fascinating. It's not as atomic as many of us would like it, but it's topical and highly interlinked. Lots of inspiration here for how to upload your brain to the computer over the long term. It's also interesting to see how the principles of a ZK emerge (linking, heterarchy, division into modules) emerge for people doing knowledge work, even if they haven't been explicitly instructed to do so. For example, this site has an index. And also there are multiple other 'views' that allow you to enter the knowledge web.

Like this:

Two different entry points into the web.


  • Well a lot of those features developed out of necessity! People just don't make indexes for fun.

  • @achamess do you have any other public note repository examples you've come across?

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