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callback and spaces in filenames

I'm starting to explore the use of The Archives callback scheme to open notes of interest. In my testing, thearchive://match/201901111413 spam counter does not work while thearchive://match/201901111413%20spam%20counter does work.

Not entirely surprising. But is there a way to avoid the extra step of converting space to %20 ?


  • Yes, there is @Jeremy. Just forgo the note title and use only the UID in the link. I precede the link with a human-readable date the note was created and the note name outside the link itself. But this is not necessary.

    This is what it looks like. These particular references are from my personal journal keep in Evernote.

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  • If you don't want to automate the conversion with, well, Automator, or Keyboard Maestro/Alfred/Quicksilver/..., then no :( The URL-escaped spaces are the only thing that's globally accepted.

    (Since Markdown uses <...> to explicitly denote links, app authors could do the conversion for you when you write <file:///foo bar/baz>, but I'm not aware of any who does that.)

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