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Preferred version of EMACS for the Archive?

It seem likes there are a good number of people using the Archive with EMACS. Can anyone recommend a preferred version of EMACS to use with the Archive? GNU? CarbonEmacs? XEmacs? and Aquamacs?


  • I would think GNU since it's by far the most popular.


  • Thanks for responding to my query. That's the version I used in the past, but it's been a few years. Back in the days of UNIX System V.

  • It's probably come a long way since then but it should still be familiar.


  • Really, anything will work. I'm using doom, which is a kitted-out full conversion, and before that I was using the one from emacsforosx.com, whatever that is. Honestly, interoperability with The Archive is the least of your concerns, as long as it can run deft and zetteldeft, you should be good. Check for dependencies on those, and you're good.

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