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Switching between panes in The Archive

I have looked for a keyboard shortcut and tried some key combinations to switch between the sidebar and the edit panel in The Archive but cannot find it. Can anyone help, please?


  • Which sidebar, the notes list or the saved searches?

    We made it so that you get from Omnibar to the editor without having a stop in the notes list because you can execute all actions (except "select all") from the Omnibar via the arrow keys, ⌘R and ⌘-delete.

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  • The notes list. I'm not using any saved searches yet. I have tried what you suggested and am now getting to my chosen note from the Omnibar using the TAB key. I don't think it is that intuitive to a beginner to do as you suggest, which is why I was navigating through the notes list itself. (I can get to a note from there, using the TAB bar as well.) However, I can relate to your desire to achieve everything from the Omnibar. Why call it that if it's not going to be omni*. I will persevere.

    Just one last question. Is the only way back to the Omnibar (or notes list) via ⌘R (Rename or Return, possibly)?

    P.S. I enjoyed your circumspect comments in your introductory video regarding the number of anecdotes in David Epstein's book, 'Range'. I've been aware of an increasing amount of filler material for some time, myself. It's a shame as there is often some interesting work in these authors; it just takes a while to get there.

    Thank you.

  • We'll revisit these basic interaction patterns at some point, and I'll keep an eye open for ways to better teach these tricks in the app after first launch. Thanks for bringing this issue up!

    To get to the Omnibar, I suggest you use ⌘L (same shortcut as in web browsers).

    Thinking about this, I guess it makes sense to add a navigational function to focus the notes list, and optionally assign a shortcut for that, too, so you can select all notes without having to reach for the mouse. Noted!

    Glad you liked the Epstein videos! I'm looking forward to finishing the book series when the video course in done :)

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