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Prioritize full title matches over partial matches that are on top in the list

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TheArchive is great! I really appreciate the snappy interface and the concentration on a core set of flexible features.

I found a situation where clicking a link doesn't jump to the note that has that exact link name. Attached is the archive. To reproduce:

  • Go to note '2', it links to note '1'.
  • Click the link for note 1. TheArchive opens note '1a.' I expect that if there is an exact match for a link, it should open that note. (If there's no exact match, then there may be several reasonable choices.)

Version 1.5.2 (156)

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  • I'll add this as a talking point to consider when we revisit the basic behavior. To explain: Matches are prioritized according to search order. The topmost note in the list wins if the search term is a literal match with how the note title starts. (Doesn't have to be a full match, that's why 1a works as well.)

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  • Could you break ties by size? Topmost note wins if the search term is a literal match, shortest one first?

    Anyway, thank you for considering!

  • @drowsyfervor
    I sometimes change my link to a literal search link to tone down the AND condition highlighting noise.

    From this [[202004250816 Zettelkasten principles]]
      To this [["202004250816 Zettelkasten principles"]]

    It doesn't resolve this but the highlighting madness will fade.

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