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What does "Use selection for Find" do?

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  • @ctietze I am unable to get this menu item "Use Selection for Find ⌘7" to work in The Archive. Is this something to be implemented in the future, a bug, or do you think I have a key binding or something somewhere interfering?

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    @MikeBraddock The system default key binding for this is ⌘E, so you must've reconfigured something somewhere πŸ€”

    What does happen when you hit ⌘7, actually?

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  • @ctietze I am pretty sure I changed from E to 7 to see if an alternative binding would work. The β€œEdit” menu text flashes blue each time I try ⌘7 or ⌘E when I remove my ⌘7 binding. However, nothing else happens. No search activity, just the menu item flash.

  • @ctietze Here is my version:

  • Ok, and ⌘7 does work when you're in TextEdit and the like?

    Just to make sure in terms of "nothing happens": You will not notice any effect, visually, unless your (⌘F) find bar is open. Because this function only changes the text finder's search term, so you can hit ⌘G to jump to the next occurrence of the marked phrase. It does not do anything special with regard to The Archive's Omnibar.

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  • @ctietze Yes, mark this as user error. Thanks for enlightening me. Sorry for the false alarm.

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