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[SOLVED] [REQUEST] A back button?

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I'd find it very useful to have a button or keyboard shortcut that sent me back one step in the process, i.e. back to a note I was looking at. Any plans for this, or a workaround?

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  • The workaround I'm using in nvALT, when I need to work with two or more notes at the same time, is to make token changes to those files, so that they are all at the top of the notes list (b/c it is sorted by modification date), which allows me to quickly switch between those files using arrow up/down.

    Unfortunately, The Archive currently does not support sorting by modification date, but this will hopefully change in the not-too-distant future. Once it is implemented, the same workaround will work in The Archive. (Btw., what is the clinical term for when someone is refreshing the release notes page 2-3 times a day, hoping that today will be the day that a new version is released that supports sorting by modification date? ;) )

    That said, proper back and forward buttons/shortcuts to switch between notes you have recently viewed would be very convenient.

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  • Thanks, Basil. I'll give that a try in the meantime.

  • Yes! Back/forward buttons are very high on my list. For now, it can help to adopt a more sloppy writing approach, i.e. no matter where you are, insert a new ID as e.g. [[201710260912]], go there, create the note, and go back by following the trail you left. You may then delete the link if it doesn't fit. At least you were able to get back, so the link did its job. This is the Hänsel & Gretel Breadcrumb Approach :)

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  • If you are working in a collection of notes you can use my method: I mark all the used notes with a short string (e.g. "qq1"). In nvALT I did the search manually (cmd+l +"qq1"). In the Archive I have a saved search.

    I have a couple of sets I go to frequently therefore: Shortcuts like the grouping in the age of empires. :smile:

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  • Like @Basil I used to rely on sort by modification date in nvALT.

    Other than that, I also use the qqq trick which, as said back in 2014, "works like leaving a finger between the pages while you look elsewhere in a book". I use it to both jump between notes and navigate within long form documents.

    Another one I use all the time is Cmd-Shift-E to open in external editor. This allows to have two notes side by side.

  • Thanks, all - very helpful suggestions. I am now flying back and forth with grace...

  • @maclm Just out of interest: what external editor do you use?

  • Even though I wasn't asked directly: I use TextMate :)

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  • My favorite of all times is FoldingText, because of its great Markdown support and all its "plain text productivity" features (clickable @tags, folding sections, navigable TOC, among other things).

  • We got this now in v1.2.x

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