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Introduction of a silent reader


I've been a silent reader of this blog for quite a while, since I discovered Sascha's book when writing my thesis in October 2015. Because I like discussion boards more than Disqus, I decided to give it a try and register.

My name is Tobias and I'm a 30 year old psychologist living in Gießen, Germany. After finishing my studies and working for some publishing-houses I settled down as a freelance proofreader and editor (don't know what the appropriate word for "Lektor" in English). At the same time I'm an aspiring author, planning to write some non-fiction books about controversial psychological topics and write some fiction, too.

I'm using the "Zkn3" software and could contribute some articles about it for this blog (I'll write some for my own German Blog about writing and could translate them in English).

I'm very eager for interesting insights about knowledge-work, writing and the endless journey of learning :)


  • Hi Tobias, and welcome to our new hang out space! :)

    Contributions to the blog are very welcome: Sascha and I cannot test every app on our own. Zkn³ is interesting because it aims to offer a nice workflow, but neither Sascha and I have invested enough time to evaluate the nuances of its features.

    If you want to share progress on your writing projects with us, you're very welcome to create a thread somewhere. "Random" probably fits best at the moment, we'll see :)

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  • Thanks for the welcome, Christian :)

    As far as I see, there seem to be some authors in here, which makes this board a promising hang out space (which is great because it's a relatively new board; it's difficult to keep up to established writing boards and many of these writing boards are more self-help plattforms for mental problems ).

    I think I could contribute some discussions about workflows, writing-strategies and other stuff to the writing subboard, too. Unfortunatley, I won't have much time in the upcoming weeks, because its term paper season for many of my clients.

  • One more thing about Zkn3: Daniel Luedecke himselfs writes that the programm is suitable for scientific texts. I would like to try if it could be useful for writing fiction as well. I think the desk-tool could be great for developing a plot.

    So one of my (far too many) project ideas is a series of articles like "Writing a novel using Zkn3". Of course it should be a novel that requires a lot of research, my idea is something with a historical background.

  • Ha! All of this sounds great :)

    Thanks to the Zettelkasten method itself, I don't see a problem with having many project ideas anymore. You can work on anything and everything, and the Zettelkasten helps you grow a project. Some writing projects will take days or months, and some will take years. Getting to know more about first-hand experience with fiction writing eventually would be very cool.

    Btw, I just opened another sub-forum for ongoing project logs where you can start as many concurrent threads as you want to keep fellow readers updated and invite feedback ;)

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  • Welcome to our lair. :smiley:

    I noticed the same thing. It seems to me that the main problem in writing is writer's block. For me, that was the least problem. Therefore, I alienated quickly from those forums. :smile:

    I'd be happy to hear from your work. I am currently raiding the last book of Manfred Spitzer "Cyberkrank!". Sadly, he has important and valid points but seems not rigorous enough with the science. (to much correlation, a bit to far fetched conclusions)

    I hope that I can get afterwards to Maps of Meaning by Jordan Peterson and merge his work with the Flow-Concept, Antifragility and the Stanford Prison Experiment. It seems that we are working on a similar topic. (I work from a philosopher's perspective).

    I am a Zettler

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