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Zettels with images

I'm using The Archive on a daily basis for my zettelkasten. It's simple and to the point.

But there is one feature I'm really missing: being able to easily include images into my zettels.

I can use the clipboard to copy quotes from books I'm reading. I can include links to documents on the web (or in my Dropbox). I can write with high fidelity using Markdown.

But not being able to easily include images is a pain.

Sure, I can save an image on my hard drive and include a link to it. But that's tedious. (And it won't even show up in The Archive. I need to open the .md file in another "real" MD editor.)

Building "a second brain" is not just about text anymore (if it ever was). It's about multi-media: text + images + video + music + all sorts of other documents.

I'm not asking for The Archive to become as comprehensive as Nuclino (https://www.nuclino.com) or Notion (https://www.notion.so/). Not all media needs to be embeddable or become first class content. I'd be satisfied with images because with images many other media can at least be represented more tangibly. Images appeal to my memory. (It's easier to remember a zettel with an image than just text. At least to me.)

I'd really appreciate two features:

  1. The Archive shows images linked to with the ![](...) syntax. This should include images represented with URLs instead of filenames.
  2. The Archive lets me include images from the clipboard and stores them automatically in a designated folder.

Elephant (http://elephant.mine.nu) for example at least allows you to drag&drop images into notes if not getting them from the clipboard. (But it's lacking other features I like in The Archive.)

I know, you can't always have it all ;-) But in 2018 to me it seems The Archive is falling behind without such simple image handling. Its focus on simplicity is starting to turn into a form or limitedness.

Adding images to The Archive
  1. The Archive displays images linked to using Markdown syntax11 votes
    1. Great idea!
    2. Maybe...
    3. No need!
  2. The Archive accepts images dragged onto a note or pasted from the clipboard11 votes
    1. Great idea!
    2. Maybe...
    3. No need!


  • "Inline Image Preview" has been on the Version 1 Roadmap for a while. I had asked about it back in April with the response being that it was pretty high up on the v1 roadmap.

  • I wish there was any sort of timetable for the v1 roadmap. Should we expect v1 to be finished in 2019?

  • @nickmilo22 A timetable is not realistic. Reality always fucks with your plans. Or as the great philosopher Mike Tyson said:

    Everybody has a plan until he gets punched in the mouth.

  • @sfast Great quote and very true.

  • @ralfw: I strongly agree. At the moment the problem with including images is the main thing that is holding me back from choosing "The Archive" over FSNotes (which I am also not entirely happy with). The perfect Zettelkasten app doesn't yet exist...

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