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What are you working on this week (2020-11-09 - 2020-11-15)?

Working on pulling together my proposed change management plan for our innovation imperative, as I've got a meeting this Friday to discuss it with one of our company's presidents.

School semester is ending soon so readings and assignments are ramping up.

Also committing to getting out for a walk every day. So far, three days in a row!

What about you?


  • I working on a talk that I'm giving this Sunday on the meaning of the name "Israel". For example, "Israel" can mean "one who struggles with God and prevails". It can also mean "God will prevail" or "Let God prevail" (in our own lives).

    This is not necessarily of interest to this forum, except for the fact that I've already been including some ideas about this theme in my Zettelkasten, so the research is partly done and distilled, I've got somewhere to put the rest of the research, and I can practise using my Zettelkasten to do some "writing". It's only my second time doing that - to write an article (or talk) - so that's pretty exciting to me. What is even more exciting is already having some material in the ZK to draw on.

  • Slowly whittling away at my #inbox. Down to 17 notes wanting refactoring from my reading of Tulku Urgyen's Quintessential Dzogchen: confusion dawns as wisdom. The refactoring process is going great, but I find some notes splitting into 2 or 3 or 10 new notes adding to the #inbox. The list never seems to shrink. A great problem to have, I guess.

    Working on a screencast featuring Snowy Owls Bubo scandiacus for ENGL316. Working with some new software tools for this screencast.

    Will Simpson
    I'm a zettelnant.
    Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing

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