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[BUG] `syntax` attribute does not work by `comment` element in themes

I believe that there is a small bug - when trying to make a new theme, syntax attribute does not work with comment element - I tried to change both color and background-color - syntax marks <!-- seem to inherit style from the whole attribute (comment), and cannot be styled in other way - as opposed to other block styles like emphasis, strong where it is possible etc.

(I do not know if it is intention but there is nothing like this mentioned in documentation)


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    Another small bug is probably that backgroundColor attribute works only for proper links [][], not for wiki-style links [[123]] or for #keywords. Other attributes (at least color which I tried) on the other hand work for all these types of links.

    Also, syntax attribute should logically influence both [[ ]] and # parts of wiki-links/keyword links, which is not true - it works also only with [][] parts of proper links. (Square brackets of wiki links preserve formatting of normal text/color (not from link text), on contrary hashtags inherit formatting from link text/color. )


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