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Library Card Catalog Card Generator

Surfing around with respect to library card catalogs, I ran across John Blyberg's Library Card Generator this afternoon. Anyone who's playing at the intersection of analog and digital zettelkasten is sure to love the possibilities here.

Yellowed library card catalog card with top red horizontal line and two vertical lines that split the card into three colums. Printed on the card are a red 9/8j on the left with the contents of Niklas Luhmann's jokerzettel card typed out. There are a few scribbles handwritten onto the card as well.

Incidentally, if you're still into the old-school library card catalog cards, Demco still sells the red ruled cards!

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  • I don't have any use for a library catalog card generator (most libraries have phased out paper cards for good reasons!), but I visited Blyberg's website and loved his co-authored "The Darien Statements on the Library and Librarians" (2009).

  • @chrisaldrich said:
    Surfing around with respect to library card catalogs, I ran across...

    Haha! I loved that little catalogue card generator program, even though I have no practical use for it. It could provide endless hours of fun. Thanks for sharing!

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