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Show date in notes list?

Is it possible to display creation dates in the notes list? Maybe I am missing something? Thank you!


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    You're not missing anything: We deliberately don't show file metadata because it's not very reliable in all cases and focus on file name and file content instead.

    Of course now I wonder: Why do you ask? / What do you want it for? :)

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    Are you sure you mean creation date and not modification date, @emm?

    Being able to see the modification dates of notes at a glance is one of the very few features I'm still missing a lot from nvALT. Did I last revise a note 3 weeks ago? 3 months ago? 3 years ago? To me, this information is very useful.

    In my experience, the modification dates of files are very reliable, unless you do something very wacky like transfer them all over FTP with a client that is not written very well.

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