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How are ÜÜ?

Hi there,

I'm new to all this and still poking around trying to understand how it is that you all organize your ZK.

Sascha, could you describe more clearly: ##L, ÜÜ, §§§. Ü1 and Ü2?

I watched intro video 3, but felt I was still not making intuitive connections. Maybe because I don't understand the german significance of things like Ü.

Any one else, please jump in!

Thank you


  • Those are special tags.

    • ##L was a tag for departments of my archive (L = Life, S = Sports,..) Those are not used by me anymore.
    • ÜÜ is a tag for the most central structure notes
    • Ü1 and Ü2 are tags for structure notes (1 = Toplevel; 2 = all other levels)
    • §§§ are helper to move some notes to the top when placed first in the file name.
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    I'd love to understand better the use of double ## tagging method, which makes me think where is the context? Also wanting to get a better feel for note naming. eg. 222222-topic??-notename
    § Buffer -Workshop Name
    §§§ Training
    §§§ Inbox ---- ?

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