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[FEATURE REQUEST] Selected document stays active during search

I've found the workflow for adding linked references to have a bit of unnecessary friction. I may be missing something but it seems to me it would be really beneficial to keep the selected document active in the editor when you run a search so you can quickly grab the link to a document in the search results and then add it to the active document in the editor.


  • This is an interesting suggestion to make getting back to the note you want to expand easier!

    Our planned implementation is to have simple back/forward navigation like in a web browser, so that you get around quickly.

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  • I saw that on the roadmap (which BTW, thank you for the awesome transparency!)… and that functionality will be super appreciated. Still though, I'll keep my fingers crossed that something like this suggestion makes it into the app at some point!

    Either way I'm seriously in love with The Archive!

  • Really excited about the back/forward navigation!

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