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When searching for a note, display the first result by default

Hello, first post here and of course it is a feature request :-1: by the way, I have recently found The Archive and Zettelkasten in general. Growing on me!

It would be cool if, after hitting CMD-L and searching for something, the first match was already displayed on the main panel (the content panel). Hitting DOWN would show the second match, etc.

Like how nvALT does.

To be fair, the current system works perfectly. It is just a minor nuisance to avoid one extra click :smile:


  • If I am not mistaken, The Archive currently behaves exactly like nvALT does in this regard:

    • If what you typed in the search field exactly matches the beginning of one of your notes, then the content of that note is displayed right away. If there are multiple matches, the one closest to the top of the list is shown.
    • If what you typed does not match exactly the beginning of the title of any of your notes, then none of the notes is pre-selected and the content panel stays empty.

    The reason why all nv-style applications (including The Archive and nvALT) don't show you a note in the second scenario is that this behavior allows for a clear distinction between rapidly switching notes that you know the (first couple letters of the) name of and performing actual searches.

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    You are right. My bad, I am not used to the Zettel ID yet.
    I was searching by title and omitting the ID.

  • Yes, that is one of the downsides of having note titles start with Zettel IDs and one of the reasons why I don't use them myself (the other reason is that navigating your notes on an iPhone becomes much more challenging if most of the visible note title is comprised of the Zettel ID). I just absolutely love switching between notes by just typing three or four letters.

    A lot of people here swear by note titles that start with Zettel IDs, and they are definitely great for super robust linking, so I would not want to talk you out of using them. But The Archive also works really well without them, so don't feel like you absolutely have to use them. There are actually a few interesting discussions on this topic somewhere on this forum.

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