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The ethics of software

A very big shout out to good people:


If you’re designing sticky features that are meant to maximize the time people spend using your product instead of doing something else in their life, is that helpful?
If you’re trying to desperately inflate the number of people on your platform so you can report corporate growth to your shareholders, is that helpful?
If your business model depends on using dark patterns or deceptive marketing to con users into clicking on advertising, is that helpful?
If you’re trying to replace meaningful human culture with automated tech, is that helpful?
If your business collects and sells personal data about people, is that helpful?
If your company is striving to dominate an industry by any means necessary, is that helpful?
If you do those things…
Are you even a Designer at all?

This is one important thing that we try to keep always in mind. I hope that such an attitude will gain market share.

I am a Zettler

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