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The Online Course - Ready to use software solutions

Currently, I am skripting the online course. The whole concept is finished. The recording equipment is ready. Only, two things are missing: The slides and the last edition of the script. I designed the course without any software barriers. You can learn the Zettelkasten Method with any editor you have. Even with a word processor that name we should never speak out loud..

But, I decided to give ready to use software solutions for all the three operating systems. But I don't have decided what software I will present and mold them into Zettelkasten-friendly devices.

Do you have any wishes?


  • I feel like Zettlr might be a good free and open source recommendation that is available on Linux, macOS and Windows. It gives you in place md preview and math rendering (quite useful if you have a more technical background and lots of formulas in your Zettels) and has a bunch of handy integrations for eg. citations.

    I myself still use sublime with Rene's plugin, which is also available for all three platforms. But it lacks features that Zettlr has and is not plug and play so maybe not the best recommendation for someone who is not used to setting up their editors.

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    I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking us what software you should use in the videos of the course? (You're not planning to make videos for all three operating systems, are you?)
    Or are you asking what software you should recommend to people on the different operating systems? (For macOS, a lot of people here would then probably say "The Archive"...)
    Or are you asking something entirely different?

  • @m0hawk Thanks.

    @Vinho said:

    I'm not sure I understand your question. Are you asking us what software you should use in the videos of the course? (You're not planning to make videos for all three operating systems, are you?)

    Oh. I am sorry. All the major lectures will be given software agnostic. Every text editor will be sufficient to learn the Zettelkasten Method (and all the techniques related to the topic).

    But I plan to translate the Zettelkasten Method to a couple of software solutions for all the three OS. I will even demonstrate on how to set up the original Luhmann's Zettelkasten.

    So the question is not what software I should use for the entire course. But what demonstrations you wish in the end. For some, it will be completely unnessary because they are adept with their software. But some people need to see alternatives or need help to even start.

  • Ok, thanks. Then it's not really relevant to me. I'm very happy with The Archive supported by Keyboard Maestro – wouldn't want anything else ;)

  • I can't wait for the lectures, even though I think I have a solid grasp of the concepts, I just lack ambition to put the practices into use more often.

    As for software, I'd have to also recommend Zettlr. It seems a pretty decent (and easy) solution for setting up a digital Zettelkasten on multiple platforms. I know of a few others, but most take more effort to setup or customize (at least for Windows).

  • I'd love to see something, anything, on an iPad.

    If it's 1Writer or ia Writer that would be great.

    Bear would be great.

    Ulysses would be awesome.

    Should I continue naming apps that I own? ;)

  • I've been using Typora a lot recently for almost all of my markdown, and I'd like to see how you apply ZK to it. It claims to be Mac / Win / Linux, though I only have experience on the Mac side (which is very, very good).

  • @sfast:

    Did you have some in mind that you were considering? For the Mac side, I would also vote for something that would have an IOS version of the app or counterpart that would work.

  • I am completely happy with The Archive and Keyboard Maestro. No need to see any other tools been demonstrated. But thank you for asking!! Of course I am looking forward to your online course!!

    Cheers, Joachim.

  • +1 for ia writer and Ulysses.

  • I have been interested in trying out zetteldeft for a while, but the setup has been confusing. I'd love to see a tutorial on that.

  • Thx @all

    @MikeBraddock No. Nothing in particular. I just want to hear if there are any special wishes. :smile:

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