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Footnote Formating

Question for an experienced Zettel mister.

I have a small number of notes I'd like to combine into a single PDF. I've been able so far, to concatenate the files into a single .txt file. I used Typora to convert to PDF.

The question is many of the notes contained footnotes. In each note the footnote numbering started with [^1]. Now that they are combined this is a problem. I have 40 or so footnotes that all point to the same reference text. I'm asking if anybody was run into this problem before and how I might go about fixing it?

Also, the links in the PDF look like links. They are clickable. The mouse icon change when hovering. But nothing happens when clicked. Any ideas?

Will Simpson
“Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”


  • As for the footnote, I switched from 1,2,3,... to names and longer Ids, e.g. 20190905075136.

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  • For the footnote: I do date + some short hint. For example:


    It is unique enough that I don't run into anything problematic. And it is quite easy to distinguish footnotes if a footnote fuckfest is happening.

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    Thanks, @sfast, and @ctietze for your tip. This solves the footnote 'festival' I was having. I'll have to manually fix this in this project but will add this to my workflow for the future, I see that markdown to pdf export handles this perfectly switching matching date+short hint to chronological numbers and places the notes all at the end of the document as expected.

    For footnotes to biblo quotes, I think I'll use [^citekey] as the footnote holder. [^date+hint] for other footnotes.

    Will Simpson
    “Read Poetry, Listen to Good Music, and Get Exercise”

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