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[SOLVED] [BUG] Constant crashes when creating a new entry in v1.33 (139)

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TA archive has become completely unusable since I installed the latest version that introduced tabs. I cannot create any new entries and am limited to being able to only editing existing ones.

I have sent a number of the crash logs over since early this morning.

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  • That sounds pretty annoying, but it does not seem to be a universal problem. On macOS 10.14.6 (18G84) I don't experience the issue with The Archive 1.3.4 (140). It's good that you submitted the crash logs; @ctietze is usually very good at swiftly fixing crashes.

    As a workaround, I would keep a Finder tab with the notes folder open and keep an empty text file named "-.txt" there (the name makes sure it's always the first file shown in that folder). Whenever you need a new text file just hit ⌘D to duplicate it and then rename that duplicate file accordingly. It's not particularly elegant, but much better than "completely unusable".

    If you like The Archive's "PrettyFunctional (Basic)" theme, consider upgrading to the "PrettyFunctional (Regular)" theme.

  • @Basil, I installed 1.3.4 and it still crashes... I am running 10.13.6 on this machine but will test on my other one and also try your workaround.


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    @jefe I received a couple of crash logs, and they look different than other crashes I've seen before. I don't know if they're all yours (I received 5 in total). I should consider adding a way to get back to people sending in reports for further questions. Thanks a ton for telling me on the forums so I know who to ask if things work better now!

    To figure out what's going on,

    • does it indeed happen on your other machine with the same note archive contents?
    • does it happen if you switch directories?
    • does it happen if you create a new file e.g. from Finder, Terminal, or TextEdit? (in case the actual file creation is the culprit)

    I'll have a look at the logs now and work on it early tomorrow morning!

    Edit: How many files do you have in your archive, and how large is the RAM consumption according to Activity Indicator before you can crash the app? Also, does Cmd+N suffice to crash it, or do you have to use the Omnibar or Quick Entry Helper?

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  • @ctietze, I have not yet had time to do the various test scenarios, but I will do so by tomorrow (Saturday), if not sooner, and provide feedback.

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    Sounds good. According to the crash logs, this is, for reference, a stack overflow. It can be caused by infinite recursion, but that'd affect everyone. It can also be caused by corrupted memory by other processes. If apps crash regularly on your machine, this might also indicate broken RAM or file systems. -- Let's hope that's not it!

    Since you're the only one affected so far, I don't think it's the app on its own that causes the problem, so I wonder what's going on and am eager to see the results of your tests!

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  • OK, here's what I I've done so far:

    1. Booted into my secondary Mac (Mac Mini running macOs 10.12..) and launched TA (version 1.3.0) and had no issues using the App as I have done in the past
    2. Upgraded to v1.3.4 and experienced the same crashes when attempting to create new note entries
    3. Returned to my primary Mac (MBP running macOs 10.13.6) and downgraded to TA v1.3.1 and was able to work as normal creating/editing and generally have fun writing
    4. Upgraded TA on the MBP to v1.3.4 and every attempt to create new entries resulted in immediate crashes
    5. I went back to v1.3.1 and everything works normal

    I should mention that I did a complete uninstall of the App and all associated files when downgrading and upgrading to the various versions.

    Wish I had more time to do a more exhaustive test, but I am traveling soon and have lost an entire day of productivity. The one thing I quickly learned is that it completely sucks when you become addicted to an App that "just works"!

    I am not completely certain of the root issue here, but with what I've done so far, the problem appears to be software related. I will post more info if and when I have more time over the next week or so...

  • I'm sorry for the trouble! Glad you are able to work with the public stable release, at least! I don't yet know why you are affected by this, but I think I can reduce the potential impact of whatever is causing the stack to overflow. Shoot me an email if you want to have a test build -- could be ready later today or tomorrow.

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  • @jefe I whipped up a quick test here which should at least make the crash site more obvious, but could also fix the problem altogether:

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  • @jefe Do you happen to hit Cmd+Shift+Enter in the Omnibar? A user found that this reliably crashes the app at the moment.

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  • @ctietze, in response to your above question, no, I do not hit Cmd+Shift+Enter.

    I just returned from my travels and installed the latest v1.4.2 (143) build and am no longer experiencing the crashes!

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