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[Feature Request] Image Support

I appreciate that this may be a somewhat contentious issue.

Given that many Zettlers are visual thinkers, it stands to reason that being able to insert images into individual notes in The Archive would be a good thing.

@cdguit has suggested here using an external editor with image preview as one potential solution. I think that's a good suggestion.

However, having that preview embedded in The Archive itself would add tremendous value, especially if it were paired with the able to paste images into the editor window. One potential solution to consider is inserting the image as a formatted Markdown reference with a default file location in the defined media folder. And certainly, this should be a toggle-based preview. Not all notes need images, of course.

Please, please understand: I'm not trying to suggest The Archive should become like Evernote or similar feature-bloated applications. I LOVE its simplicity and elegance.

But given the primary purpose of the Zettelkasten method (as I understand it) requires being able to put ideas in whatever form generates useful associations, and that some associations (at least for me) are irreducibly visual—I think it's not unfair to humbly request some type of image support.

Would love to hear what others think.


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