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[SOLVED] [Request] Word Count for Current Note?

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Please forgive me if this feature is either already available or has already been considered; I didn't find any references to it my search of the forum.

Is it be possible to display the word count any note in the editor? I'm also using WordCounter and do use the file monitoring feature of that application to track the word count; but it would be nice to have the count visible somewhere in the editing environment.

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  • Can you give us the purpose you pursue? E.g. to track the progress in an essay etc.?

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  • Two purposes really. (1) Sometimes I write abstracts for conference presentations or article submissions which have a hard word count limit. I like drafting in the Archive and keep these abstracts as a linked note in the evolving project. A visible word count display would obviate the need for me to open the note in a different editor to make sure I'm under the limit. (2) I'm trying to improve my discipline in writing atomic notes following the principles of the Zettlekasten as I understand them. Left to my own devices my notes become verbose and need to be split apart. A visible word count display serves as an external reminder that my note is approaching (or has exceeded) reasonable limits.

  • Got it. Will discuss with Christian.

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  • Hi, I was also wondering about the display of word count.
    Since every paper is constraint by a specific word limit, it would be tremendously helpful to keep track of the progress as it is hard to gauge by sight. Also, knowing how many words make up a single zettel helps for overview and a feel for its elaborateness.
    Thank you!!!

  • Great idea! That would also partly solve my problem to quickly identify my empty zettels.

  • I would like to put in my vote for a per zettel word count, somewhere in the editor (maybe with an optional to show/hide for those who find it a distraction?). Like @cjcolyer mentioned, I have times when I am writing to a word count and would like not having to go to an external editor to check on where I am at.

  • Good news, folks!

    Check out today's release of v1.4.7 on the Cutting Edge channel if you want to enjoy this feature. A release to the regular channel will follow in a couple of days if everythings works okay.

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