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How to create a build an effective forum community

@ctietze , I truly admire the tight-knit and substantive community you have built here around the forum in particular. I am trying to build a similar one but for a different purpose and demographic. Are there any words of wisdom you'd be willing to share in terms of the tech infrastructure as well as the actual process and effort that would improve the chances of having a well-run forum with an engaged community and robust and thoughtful discussions like you have here? Many thanks!


  • I'm not who you asked, but I would submit that one of the things to keep in mind when asking this question is that this community is perforce going to be comprised of people who are going to be better community members, because of the nature of our common interest. Anyone who is interested in zettelkasten is probably going to be, on some level, engaged with notions of careful and systemic thought, which are definitely nice to have on a forum.

  • No trick to it. We opened this forum and were blessed with cool people.

    I am a Zettler

  • @Sascha, @mediapathic thanks for sharing your perspectives

  • @newzettelkid Yeah, no techniques applied at all. I can imagine @mediapathic's hypothesis to be true. The most active members were recruited during our beta of The Archive, and these are very fine, supportive, gentle, and thoughtful folks indeed.

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