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Hello everyone. I am a recently graduated HS student from Slovakia. My main interest is history. I've been looking for a better way to take notes to support my studies as my previous note-taking habits and methods were subpar to say the least. I needed a way of accumulating, remembering and effectively utilizing large amount of knowledge, I ended up stumbling upon this site that someone linked from reddit and this seems to be just what I need.

What I want to put in is not limited to history by any means of course. I mainly want to study for my own pleasure but also to support my personal project (and the writing advice and the outline method provided on this blog seem to be just perfect for that) and of course its also what I most likely plan on doing in Uni.
I only just started so I haven't put in any notes yet but I am already working on processing one book, though its not a history one.

For software Zettlr seems to be what I will use since it works on Windows and Linux I've also just started messing around with spacemacs (for org-mode) despite having zero knowledge in the area of programming and CS (though I have and still am considering learning some at least for personal use, especially ever since I went down the ZK rabbit hole) since I've been seduced by the power it promises. I will be eagerly following what @mediapathic and @EFLS come up with.

Anyway, that is all. Have a nice day :) .


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