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How do you group notes from the same resource - in the title or by tags or folders?

I take notes from different sources. Say I'm reading from a book. I want to be able to see all the notes that come from the same book. I use the ST3 package from Rene. How do people indicate that a note comes from a source?

  • In the note title
  • In a field within the note
  • A tag
  • In a sub-directory?


  • For books, I do this by searching for the citekey of the reference. Like when I have a citation of the form [123][#kant1789], then I'll search for #kant1789 (which, in some apps, accidentally also is a clickable hashtag).

    If you want to get to notes about a book that are loose associations where you didn't use a citekey for some reason to make a reference ("When I read Kant's treatise last week, I thought about monkeys eating apple pie. Now monkeys do not ..."), then I suggest you make a structure note instead where you assemble an overview of the most relevant (or even all) notes about a book.

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  • This are both of my main techniques:

    1. Search for the cite key (like Christian described)
    2. For canonical text, a structure note.

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