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Meet Wolff (yours truly)

I consider myself a "knowledge hoarder", and this became a problem during the years. I normally try to keep everything in my head, but knowledge does take space despite the popular saying. Back in 2013 during my Masters in Security and Peace Affairs at the University of Coimbra, and being obliged to deal with huge amount of information, I knew I needed a better plan.

I tested all the tools and systems you can imagine (including paper), tools like DevonThink and ConnectedText, but I always ended up having a pile of documents, pictures, files, and spreadsheets here and there, scattered in computers, pen drives, and boxes. A huge pile of mess one could say.

You see, I do have the capability to store a lot of information in my head, from citations to movies including the lines, but that is definitely not efficient. The problem is not to store the information, is to retrieve it. Our brain does store a lot of information, but our perception of reality can change the data, and that is a problem.

I needed a long term system, one that I could carry out for many years, and that system would need to be simpler and reliable. I started my research, and for the first time I read about the Zettelkasten system, and I thought, that's is it! It's simple, based on text and can be easily used as a hub to store and retrieve information. Text files allied with MMD have a lot of power, and that's why I am excited about this project.

Nowadays I use a combination of Nvalt, DEVONthink Pro and 1Writer, to keep everything synced. I do think that The Archive has a cleaner interface and hopefully will become the main system to keep all my information. I system developed by Brett is awesome, but it's time for something more focused, like The Archive.

Thanks, Christian and Sascha for the opportunity to be a beta.

All the Best,

Leonardo W

A renaissance man in a postmodern age.


  • You are happily welcomed. :smiley:

  • Welcome, @wolff!

    "Knowledge hoarder", yeah, that rings a bell :) Although I hoard the mememtos to trigger the recall. But I think once you go fall the rabbit hole of wanting to learn stuff, having this condition is to be expected.

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