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Links not recognised on indented lines: wanted behaviour?

I just discovered the Archive while setting up my new Mac and, as a long-time nvalt-user and Solarized-addict, I couldn't be happier! This made my day, and will keep making me happy for many days to come. Thank you for that.

One behaviour I stumbled over is that indented lines (whether using tab or the format » indent click) do not recognise links. The moment I shorten the indentation to three or less spaces, the link pops up bright and blue.

I couldn't figure out whether this is standard Markdown behaviour (I don't think so but couldn't find a definite reference one way or the other), and am also unsure whether this is wanted Archive behaviour. I don't see an immediate reason why, but didn't want to call it a bug before asking :blush:


  • If you intend the line four spaces or more it is considered code and therefore the syntax is suppressed. Standard markdown I think.

    I am a Zettler

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