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New kid on the block

Hi All - long time text note taker. Long ago I left any and all "systems" that were not ASCII-based to "future proof" my notes.

I've used Sublime Text for a number of years, and have developed a Markdown-based Wiki system (via a number of home-grown ST3 python plugins) to support my workflow as an engineer - lots of projects, documents, meetings, etc - so I think that system (hierarchical folder-based) is needed for that fairly structured context.

The other side of my life, though, is a lot of study and note-taking to support my work with my church and personal growth. I have needed a way to stitch content from about 500 Markdown notes and stumbled across ZettelKasten and the ST3 plugin last week. Light-bulbs, shouts of "Eureka," angelic choruses - whatever view of an epiphany you like - that's what it was.

Folks, this is amazing - exactly the capability I needed, and I'm working now on indexing all my backlog - little by little. Learning as I go - thanks.



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