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[REQUEST] An overview of currently used hashtags

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Just a simple window listing all of the currently used hashtags. I often forget which hashtags I used before and than make one which is redundant. Adding a window which lists all used hashtags would add more clarity in my opinion.

Another feature which could be added to this is to change all of one hashtag into another. So select a hashtag in the list of hashtags and than select which hashtag to change it to.

Thanks for the nice app!

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    Thanks for submitting the request! Glad you like the app :)

    I took note of your suggestion. Good news: something along the lines is planned already, too, to ease managing tags!

    (I took the liberty to reformat your title to include "[REQUEST]" for easier scanning.)

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  • Until this feature is implemented in The Archive, the following very cool Keyboard Maestro workflow might be of interest to you:

    It regularly scans all your notes to built a complete list of all the tags that they contain, and then lets you use that tag list to insert tags reliably and easily.

    If you like The Archive's "PrettyFunctional (Basic)" theme, consider upgrading to the "PrettyFunctional (Regular)" theme.

  • Thanks a lot Basil! That seems really handy, not only for the Archive but for other apps to. I'll look into it some more later :)

  • I'd like these features, too:

    • A hastag pane (in alphabetical order) to easily filter zettels. Bear writer provides such a pane (even with hierarchical hashtags).
    • When entering a "#" a pop-up list of hashtags which narrows down when entering characters.
    • A hashtag renaming function for "zettel refactoring" :-)
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