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Hi all there.
New with this approach and trying to get a new system for my knowledge base. For a while I´m trying to learn the zettelkasten system. It looks great idea, but actually I have a lot of new concepts on my mind flying together: the archive, sublime text, regex, etc...
I hope with some effort and time I will be able to learn enough to make the system run. Anyway I´ll always be able to do it with pen and paper!
Thanks to all of you that let us learn from your ideas and efforts.


  • Heya, Guillermo! Welcome to the forum, and feel free to ask anything that puzzles you on your journey :) Regex is an interesting topic in regard to knowledge work, since it can hint at automation, so I'm looking forward to see what you're up to!

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  • Things might seem a bit overwhelming at first, @Neowilly, but the good news, you don't have to figure out everything in advance. You can just start putting pieces of information and insights into The Archive and use it like a regular notes application. Even at a that, it's actually really, really good and such a joy a use. :smile:

    Over time, you can then refine how you link between notes, figure out how to create structure notes, develop a tagging system, etc. Most of the hard work is in putting the information into the system in the first place (because you want to summarize in your own words instead of just liberally using copy & paste); Rearranging/restructuring that information later is much less work and also something that takes much less energy, so don't worry too much about the intricacies of your (zettelkasten) system and just keep putting useful information into it.

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