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New Zettler from Germany

Hello Zettelkasten community,

I`m Marcus and I've been circling around the topic of Zettelkasten for a few months now. I got into it through Niklas Luhmann, but not originally through his Zettelkasten, but his work as a sociologist and systems theory.
Starting with Obsidian and Notion, to Scott Scheper with his Antinet and now to Zettlr and The Archive.
Currently I keep an analog Zettelkasten for my "Bib-Notes", i.e. my elaborations from literature references. I like the haptic and the creative process of thinking. Digitally, I use my Zettelkasten to structure and summarize my built-up knowledge.
After a few days of trying both tools (Zettlr & The Archive) you have now convinced me to buy a license for The Archive ;-)

I am looking forward to the conversations here in the forum.


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    Welcome to the forums, @Marcus. Most of us enjoy "the haptic and the creative process of thinking." Some are partial to the pen, and some get their enjoyment from the keyboard. Either way, the "haptic feedback" somehow leads to a "creative process of thinking."

    You are in a friendly crowd, so if you have questions, fire away.

    Will Simpson
    My zettelkasten is for my ideas, not the ideas of others. I will try to remember this. I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon, I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.

  • Hi @Will , thanks for your warm welcome. I have already tried some of your macros in Keyboard Maestro. Great work!

  • Hi Marcus,

    a warm welcome to this forum!

    You never need to miss the haptic thinking on paper. It is anyway the better tool, if you need to figure something out, than any digital tool.

    That is the reason why The Archive has the built in image capturing feature (cmd+shift+m)

    I am a Zettler

  • Hi @Sascha , thanks also to you for the welcome.

    I have already discovered the function. :-)
    So my analog library aka my Bib-Notes is now also digitized in the form of photos and comes with me in my "The Archive Zettelkasten".

    I am now only dealing with the macro possibilities and have for now the test version of Maestro, where I like Alfred since I already use it anyway. Let's see!

    In any case, chapeau for the software.
    My search over countless other programs and many many YouTube videos is finished. I've already looked through all of your videos by the way. Great input.

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