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Hi everybody

Hi all, I'm Vincent, French student in Australian this year.
I've been thinking about note taking / knowledge management for a while and I'm delighted to have come to know your website. Thanks for all the good stuff you share.
Currently I'm deep into Emacs/OrgMode that I use for many purposes, mainly agenda, GTD and notes. I like the inclusive approach of Emacs and the customization of this tool to your specific use. Fan of notebook+pen as well as a nomad and reliable mean to catch ideas.
Now I'm willing to inject a bit of Zettelkasten philosophy in my Emacs workflow with the help of your great site.


  • Hi Vincent. Welcome aboard!

    Looking forward what you will do with Emacs. I myself use emacs exclusively for my self-organisation. But my love for emacs makes me curious for all the other modes of use.

    I am a Zettler

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