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The Archive v1.0.3: Theme Updater

Hey folks,

I just pushed an update to the "Cutting Edge" channel. It contains a new theme updater. Before I release this on the stable channel, I could use a few more eyeballs on this, so please try to break it and tell me if you were able to :)


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  • It is working well here. I like the idea of being able to be current on installed themes.


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    I really like the idea of the theme updater. It's working well here, too.

    What happens, though, when the same file exists both at .../The Archive/Themes and at .../The Archive/LocalThemeRepo/Themes? Will the one in .../The Archive/Themes always be preferred or will the one with the newest modification date get used? Maybe the latter option would be the best solution.

    Actually, maybe the best solution would be to display both, and add to the ones in .../The Archive/Themes a "(user)" suffix or so, so that you always know whether you are selecting a theme from the Git repo or one from the user editable folder.

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  • When you ask what happens if files exists with the same name in both locations, I guess you mean what happens if the user creates a theme on his own and the canonical remote repository has a theme of the same name, right? Good point, in this case the user theme would be lost. I took note of this to add a check if the file that's going to be replaced is about the same theme and display a warning.

    The update mechanism is based on the actual theme contents, not file name or file metadata: name and version are taken into account. It's our (my) job to keep the theme folder clean and ensure sensible file names.

    Update notifications are based on the last master HEAD commit hash: when you dismiss the notification once, it won't appear again until the theme repo has changed. (This is working more like a modification date.)

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    Just enabled the cutting edge channel, I like to live dangerously >:)

  • @ctietze, the reason I asked is because currently, if you copy a theme file from the Repo folder to the regular Themes folder and then modify the file in the latter folder (e.g., by setting the heading color to something hideous), then that new heading color is what is being used in The Archive.

    In other words, it looks like files in the regular Themes folder are either generally preferred over those in the Repo folder, or are only preferred if their modification date is newer. So, the current behavior apparently is the opposite of what is intended.

    If you like The Archive's "PrettyFunctional (Basic)" theme, consider upgrading to the "PrettyFunctional (Regular)" theme.

  • Right: files in the "Themes" folder are preferred 100%.

    Maybe I should hide the Local Repo completely; for the tech savvy, that is just a git clone of the remote endpoint. To avoid dealing with merge conflicts etc., this directory discards local changes. Only the previously established "Themes" folder will actually be used (and files will be copied into it to "install" and "update").

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