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What were your ZK plans for 27 Feb - 5 Mar and your success from last week?

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2022 Week 8
I'm trying out a new date format for the title of this thread. Let me know what you think. Are we starting this tread on a bad day? Maybe starting on Monday or Thursday would make more sense?

Please share what small or large ZK successes you had in the past week. Please share your plans are for this coming week. Use this as a public responsibility thread. Use it to hold yourself accountable. Use this as a way to start a conversation.

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Last Week

  • Impermanence is all around me. Everything I see is a temporary arrangement of atoms soon dispersed and reassembled into new arrangements. My attention is also always temporary. Attention flitters from one object to another in a time frame that speeds up and slows just a little from the moment of awakening to after fully sleeping. Even then, dreams grab my attention.
  • I successfully integrated The Archive/Marked2/Zotero/Pandoc toolchain into my writing environment.

This Week

  1. Work on writing scientist profile using The Archive and Marked2
  2. Studying the writer tools in Marked2
  3. Reading The Secret to Superhuman Strength by Alison Bechdel
  4. re-engage with woodworking.

Will Simpson
I must keep doing my best even though I'm a failure. My peak cognition is behind me. One day soon I will read my last book, write my last note, eat my last meal, and kiss my sweetie for the last time.


  • @Will
    I like the date format a lot. That makes it easier to tell what week it is referring to. Thanks for considering my suggestion. :)

    As for when to start a week, that probably doesn't matter. When someone's week starts depends on the person. For example, mine begins on Mondays but yours may begin on Sundays.

    Last Week

    • Nothing big other than making progress on the stuff that I had planned.

    This Week

    • Continue with the stuff from last week.
    • Finish the letter and send it. I couldn't finish it last week, but I should be able to this week.
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    Last week:

    • Prepped zettelkasten.de/folgezettel and am experimenting with @Sascha on collaboration on such overviews
    • Update to The Archive with image drag and drop (as an example for more robust external file handling)
    • Created 10 new notes
    • Sketched a handful of sketches on Sunday in the actual sun, that was nice

    This week (as far as my projects are concerned):

    • Chores: some other projects need to be brought onto Monterey properly.
    • Tech debt: the way macOS apps are updated did change; that's a process that evolved for about 4 years or so, and is now finished. This affects all my apps, including The Archive, eventually. I put this off for as long as I can and experiment with lower-stakes applications, first, because when the update process breaks once, good luck reaching users of years-old app versions ...
    • New pages and posts for zettelkasten.de :)
    • Maaaaybe some writing and preparation of digital publications that are chiefly about programming topics (am constantly deferring this since Christmas ....)

    Author at Zettelkasten.de • https://christiantietze.de/

  • Last week:

    • Went all in with Typora. Aside from minor issues (optical cursor jumping, doesn't effekt actual writing) it is close to what I whish for in an app. (Besides secret developments that I only share with Christian)
    • Broke the 12k-Note-Wall.
    • No deep work days for a couple of weeks since I am all in with the Zettelkasten Book.
    • Experimented writing on alcohol and alcohol + coffee. (Underwhelmed)

    This week:

    • Update the outline of the book. Major improvement thanks to the great work of the beta readers. Special Thanks to them are already out via email.
    • Work in the new sections into the book and removing a lot of fluff.
    • Overhall of my plattform on health, fitness and selfdevelopment
    • Tinkering with my Digital Garden

    I am a Zettler

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