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FYI tags are working in the forums!

I was posting here and accidentally entered the tag and clicked on it in the preview mode and it connected with all the comments with the same tag (2 now 3). This may be common knowledge but it is new to me. This will be useful.

Will Simpson
I'm a futzing, second-guessing, backtracking, compulsive oversharing, ZK-maniac, in other words, your typical zettelnant.
Research areas: Attention Horizon, Productive Procrastination, Dzogchen, Non-fiction Creative Writing, Cognitive Workload, Python, Data Science


  • Thanks @Will - I'm always trying to find old posts - this is a good way of doing so.

  • I used


    to avoid unintentional tagging until i realized that tagging only creates a clickable link. It does not affect the search query so i am not limited to that. There is no list of tags AFAIK.

    What's more is that search ignores at least the # character, probably more.

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  • Ha! This would be an awesome opportunity to test ways of tagging and tags in general.

    I am a Zettler

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