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Like almost everyone else, I've been collecting notes (in nv and then nvALT) for a long time, and following along with the ideas here. Now I feel it is time to start being a little more methodical about why I am taking these notes and how to make better use of them. My first goal is to fully grasp a good way to use unique identifiers, and then to go through my existing notes.

One thing I really like about The Archive is the ability to have more than one folder of notes. That matters to me because I have at least two areas of interest that I cannot imagine will not be independent.


  • Welcome!

    Which areas do you mean? I have all my notes in one archive. It runs like clockwork. :smile: (About Religion, research on my family, workout plans for clients, etc.)

    I am a Zettler

  • In the past, I have tended to move notes about projects that are completed into an archive folder. The main reason was because my note titles were not sufficiently informative, so searches could be cluttered with irrelevant notes.

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