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You can read print faster than digital texts

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Some of my random thoughts

  • Reading print is more time efficient in itself.
  • Saving time via the habit of reading digitally comes from more efficient workflows surrounding the pure reading (e.g. extracting your highlights all at once)
  • The faster you read the better is your comprehension if the reading speed comes natural and you don't overpush yourself by some (not working) speed reading techniques oder overestimating your abilities.

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  • @Sascha said:

    • Reading print is more time efficient in itself.

    the tested devices are 10 years old. e-Ink was still young and immature back then, and we all know that it didn't hold up to our expectations. Generally speaking you are printing on a display, being that "on paper", SuperAMOLED, microLED, or a Wax tablet. Each technology has advantages and disadvantages.

    I bought myself a 13.3" tablet for reading "a while ago", the first of its size. It weights 1kg and has a pixelated LED display. It has a very powerful processor, but i am really pushing it to the limits for heavy things like viewing a PDF document. What i especially like about it is its battery life which holds up for weeks (i am not using it very often).

    I still have high hopes for flexible e-Ink displays or maybe even stretchable LED displays but unfortunately they are still immature. Their display surface is too glossy and they are expensive.

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