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I've been using nvALT (and before that, Notational Velocity) for some years to manage my own notes - on software development, politics & personal stuff. I very much welcome 'The Archive'- I spotted it on Gabe Weatherhead's blog, and bought it after a very short period of testing.

As a former IT professional (OK, if you know me, you might say semi-professional), I have my own personal criteria for judging software:

  • Don't trap my data in proprietary formats (or if you do, provide plenty of import/export options)
  • Do one thing well, rather than so many things I can't remember half of them - I like an uncluttered experience
  • Aesthetics and ease-of-use are important - technical competence is no good if I don't enjoy using the software
  • Reducing friction for common tasks is hugely important: 'quick enough' is not good enough if it can be made simpler and faster.

I hope The Archive continues to develop, and becomes the obvious choice for anyone who has to manage lots of notes (whether they buy into the philosophy of Zettelkasten or not - you can always persuade them later)



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