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Anybody using this approach to manage contacts? How?

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I'm using AirTable for my contacts management.
You can think of it as a simple CRM.

Since I'm working to keep things the most simple as possible, I'm wondering how I could do the same with simple text notes.

My light CRM is not just a list of names, but I also put:

  • location
  • job
  • company
  • projects we have done together

This way if I'm looking, say, for a journalist, I simply click on the "journalist" category and I get all my contacts related to journalism.
The same with location when I move to other cities and want to network with someone.

Something like this.

I fear that if I use a simple text note I lose such feature.

Any tips?

BTW: the same for the academic papers I find on the Web... ;-)

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  • A Zettelkasten isn't really designed to be a substitute for a CRM. There are some robust CRM programs out there and programs that are not designed to be a CRM but can handle the load handily, such as Notion. Zettelkasten is designed to hold reference material, link thoughts, look for new ideas, etc.

  • I don't see why Zettelkasten system cannot be used for this. Create one note per person, one note per project, one note per company, and link people to companies and projects. It's fairly straightforward and can be done while using your ZK for other purposes. I'm looking for ways to use ZK for my project management at work, and what you describe is the most straightforward part.

  • I manage the information of my clients (both health and ZK) within my Zettelkasten.

    If you want to add specific meta-data to each item (client, journal) you can either use a different language (I use English for a very specific subset of tags and German for ordinary tags) or use a different tag-syntax (using "§" instead of "#")

    You can place links (to meetings notes etc.), provide context (via Structure Notes). It is not the Zettelkasten Method as it is intimitly connected to processing knowledge and not information. But I don't think the Zettelkasten Police will knock on your door for abusing your ZK. :)

    I am a Zettler

  • But I don't think the Zettelkasten Police will knock on your door for abusing your ZK.

    Imma call the police for Zettelkasten abuse. Zettelkasten rights!

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